Therapeutic Healing With Petting Zoo & Pony/Horse Riding Session



If you are a little bit on the nature side, it would be great to have an outdoor party where your guests can relax and connect with the nature. At Fabulous Party Planner, we would love all your guests to have more than just merely fun at your parties or events, but they also will go home with a smiling heart and a refreshed mind and soul. Believe it or not, the nature has its therapeutic healing.

Those of us who own pets know they make us happy. But a growing body of scientific research is showing that our pets can also make us healthy, or healthier.

That helps explain the increasing use of animals — dogs and cats mostly, but also birds, fish and even horses — in settings ranging from hospitals and nursing homes to schools, jails and mental institutions.
Pony riding session for EPSOM International College

An Albino horse. Her name is Angelina.

Rendered birthday services delivered for Tun Daim's grand daughter's birthday party.

*One of the earliest studies, published in 1980, found that heart attack patients who owned pets lived longer than those who didn't. Another early study found that petting one's own dog could reduce blood pressure.

*Animals can also act as therapists themselves or facilitate therapy — even when they're not dogs or cats. For example, psychologist Fine, who works with troubled children, uses dogs in his practice — and also a cockatoo and even a bearded dragon named Tweedle.

*"One of the things that's always been known is that the animals help a clinician go under the radar of a child's consciousness, because the child is much more at ease and seems to be much more willing to reveal," he says.

*Horses have also become popular therapists for people with disabilities.

*"The beauty of the horse is that it can be therapeutic in so many different ways," says Breeanna Bornhorst, executive director of the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program in Clifton, Va. "Some of our riders might benefit from the connection and the relationship-building with the horse and with their environment. Other riders maybe will benefit physically, from the movements, and build that core strength, and body awareness and muscle memory."

(* source taken from:

So why wait? It is not that you have to book a tour bus to get all your loved ones, families and friends to the zoo or the National Park. 

P.s. This activity will be great if your toddlers or kids are into early learning phase, primary school kids or even early teens where they can also casually learn through personal experience - they can pet, pat, touch and even feed these animals themselves.

Our manning crews are professionally trained to handle these animals as they are the care taker as well.

Also suitable as a side activity for animal theme party, Jungle Animal, Barn Party, Nursery Rhymes, Little Pony etc.

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Price inclusive of transportation in Klang Valley area, professional manning crews for max of 4 hours, set up & dismantling 

Petting Zoo Package A: RM1300 (2-3hr)

  • Baby Chicks or Sugar glider or Hedgehog depending on availability
  • Baby ducks or Sugar glider or Hedgehog depending on availability
  • Hamsters
  • Rabbits
  • 1 Exotic type animal (snake | iguana | baby tortoise)

petting time

therapeutic session

Porcupine, baby duck and baby chicks
Petting zoo Package D

Dalam hati ada taman while holding these furry friends, don't you think?

Baby chicks 
Baby duck / duckling



Ride Package B: 

Pony Riding RM1800 (3-4 hr) 
Horse Riding RM2300 (3-4 hr)

A (one) Pony for casual riding session

Pony rides and horse rides. Pony rides is mainly for kids but horse rides can be for kids and adults because we have a raised platform for the kids.

Can't wait for her riding turn

A nature lover

Pony ride by their neighbourhood area

Petting Zoo Package C: RM2300 (3-4hr)

  • Sun Corneo OR Indian Parrot
  • Ular (Snake)
  • Hamsters
  • Rabbits
  • +
  • 2 Types of exotic animals (snake | iguana | baby tortoise | hedgehog)
Iguana 1
Indian parrot
baby chicks
pyton | ular sawa

Petting Zoo 
Package D: RM3800 (3-4hr)

  • Sun Corneo OR Indian Parrot
  • Ular (Snake)
  • Hamsters
  • Kambing
  • Rabbits
  • Ayam Katik
  • Itik Peking
  • Kucing Hutan
  • Gold Fish
  • Baby Tortoise Or Hedgehog
Ayam katik
Brazilian Parrot
Indian parrot
kucing hutan | wild cat
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